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Randolph Rotary Club 6074 was chartered on November 1, 1982, by 30 founding leaders from the Randolph County professional community. By pooling together their time, resources, and professional experience, each believed they could come together in an effort to support various charities in this area. It was their desire to provide their skills for service, funding, and volunteering for a wide range of projects needing resources. At the time, certain classifications were closed to new memberships in the Asheboro Rotary Club, which still meets on Fridays, but there were a number of young professionals in town who were interested in Rotary. Thus, Randolph Rotary was born.

Under the leadership of Bob Shaffner, club President from 1982-1983, the charter members accomplished great things during their first year. In the early days, the Club’s primary focus was on membership recruitment, development of weekly speaker programs and its raffle fundraiser. The first raffle consisted of 125 tickets for $125 each and the grand prize was a new automobile. Today, the Club continues to raise funds for community grants, offer interesting and informative programs, and community service projects.

Our current membership includes a wide variety of professions, including school and hospital administrators, doctors, realtors, government officials, state park and leisure professionals, and financial institutions, to name a few. Our club gathers together each Wednesday at the AVS Banquet Centre to fellowship, hear great programs and contribute to the greater good locally and overseas.

A number of Randolph Rotary’s Charter members are still quite active in the Club, continuing to help grow the Club both in membership and community service endeavors. We appreciate all that our forefathers and past leaders have done to make this Club what it is today. Our club continues to actively recruit leaders from the local community to strengthen the support of those among us, and abroad, in need. We encourage you to seek out ways you can get involved with helping those around you whether through Rotary. If you are interested in becoming a member, we invite you to be our guest at the upcoming meeting this Wednesday. Please contact membership@randrotary.org to share your interest and register for attendance.

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